KAMP Assessment Report

There are two dimensions of the assessment report

KAMP assessment paper 1 will help gauge the basic understanding level of students across the four domains: Basic Sciences, Earth and Universe, Social Sciences and Computers, and Information Sciences. The analysis would map the results highlighting whether the student has knowledge, is able to understand, and apply the concepts in a given context.

The assessment paper 2, the aptitude test will help to chart out a student's profile by measuring the abilities on the laid down aptitude parameters.

The assessment report would project the following results
  • Assessment results across various levels: student, school, district, state, country
  • Responses of students will be captured on areas like responsiveness to solve a problem, logical thinking, aptitude, etc.
  • School comparison and ranking of schools based on the learning outcome for each grade
  • Ranking of students highlighting high-achievers
  • Comparison with other assessments (national and international: of those whose assessment data and reports are available on the public domain).

Benefits of KAMP Assessment Report

The importance of feedback is crucial in improving the learning experience for students. Feedback is considered as an important approach to:

Benefits to Students

The importance of feedback is crucial in improving the learning experience for students. Feedback is considered as an important approach to:

  • Facilitate students’ development as independent learners in order to monitor, evaluate, and regulate their own learning
  • It is imperative that the school teachers use the report as a feedback mechanism that will help students to gauge their performance across different parameters.
  • At the same time reflect on the information provided through the report on their performance, achievement areas and the areas that require attention.
Benefits to Schools

KAMP assessment report will help the schools to develop policies and procedures that would inform student progress and achievement through:

  • An overview of student performance at school
  • Student outcome results with regard to learning achievement and engagement for the current academic year
  • School comparison data to gauge the performance level of school viz. a viz. other schools on broadly similar assessment parameters
  • Diagnostic information to inform program planning and resource allocation and implementation of improvement strategies for further student learning achievement
Benefits to Parents

KAMP Assessment report will help parents see student progress and achievement through the student reports. It will provide parents with clear, individualized information about progress against the achievement standards, and also identify the student’s areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Benefits to Community

As for the community, the KAMP assessment report will provide a concise summary of the school’s achievements and progress through the district and state-wide analysis that would also highlight comparison with the national/international education standards and outcomes.

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