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  • KAMP assessment is designed to analyse students and gauge the absolute and relative picture of students’ learning and learning gaps across the nation.

  • KAMP assessment is prepared with a classification of knowledge dimensions and cognitive processes involved in the completion of assessment, to formulate questions of appropriate difficulty (as one moves from lower order skills to higher order skills).

  • KAMP assessment is an objective-type paper which will be conducted Grade-Wise into 2 parts:

    • Paper 1 will be objective-type (Awareness & Knowledge Mapping Assessment) for 90 minutes duration comprising 60 questions for grades 5th to 9th and 11th.
    • Paper 2 will be objective-type (Scientific Process Skill Test) for 90 minutes duration comprising of 60 questions for grades 5th to 9th and 11th.
  • Click Here to view defined Syllabus for KAMP assessment.

  • Question Paper 2 will consist of questions to assess Scientific Process Skills in students

  • The question paper will have questions that would cater to factual understanding (facts and terminologies), conceptual understanding (categories, principles and models), procedural (algorithms, techniques and criteria), and metacognitive (including strategic knowledge and self-knowledge).

  • There are separate question papers for each grade.

  • The assessment medium is English and Hindi.

  • NCERT curriculum is followed to formulate the questions